Private Flights

Atlas Executive Air offers, thanks to the partnership with Ijet Aviation, to its customers an entire flight service in private jet, whether for corporate, executive or escaping use. Our private charter flights are designed for travelling all around Europe and North Africa with no technical stopovers.

Your private flight starts here, no matter where, but with whom ...

Certainly, the two reasons that lead a customer to choose a private jet rather than a commercial airline are exclusivity and safety. Click here to view Falcon 100 specs.

In Atlas Executive Air and Ijet Aviation, you will find both of them, contributing in:

Agile and customized response to customer queries

Do you need a private flight for any urgent meeting, annual convention or sport event?

Do not take care of airport delays, long waits due to schedules, delayed flights, inconveniences of "check in" and slow deliveries of luggage.

style and comfort

Luxury and comfort

Attention to detail, consolidated through years of experience in the sector

It's time to embark with destination ... wherever you decide!

The experience of flying in a private jet will be as luxurious and comfortable as warm is the service on board.

Total discretion and rigor in flight operations
Enjoy a relaxing journey, knowing that you can take your private plane quickly and efficiently

Forget full and uncomfortable airports and long lines of security.

Discretion and rigor


Unbeatable quality planes risen to the occasion
We have the most complete, modern and safe fleet as well as the most experienced pilot on the market

In Atlas Executive Air we carry out the complete maintenance service of our Falcon100