Atlas Executive Air, is a company based in Malaga which begins its business journey in 2009, fruit of the passion of its components for the aviation sector. Its beginnings are marked by initial collaboration with two of the best mid-range aircraft, Falcon 100 and Hawker 750. It soon begins to strengthen partnerships with companies in the aviation industry that rely on its operational, commercial and technical management.

In 2016 Atlas Executive Air forms a close alliance with a Maltese operator, thus increasing not only the fleet to be offered but also the company's network of logistics and commercial operations.

Our business lines focus on:

  • Marketing and Execution of Private Aircraft Flights: Having so that, the absolute control of any device that is required to carry out.
  • The maintenance of our own aircraft and maintenance to our customer´s aircrafts in our own maintenance center Part 145: This gives us absolute knowledge about the technical situation of our aircraft, thereby giving an agile response to any contingency that may occur in the execution of flights and providing high standards of quality and safety. No one, rather than Atlas, knows how to take care of its assets.
  • Technical studies prior to hiring and / or aircraft selling, whether for corporate or medical purposes.
  • Aircraft custody services in covered hangar.


Why Atlas?

Because we are willing to offer:

  • A start up time and flight set-up of two hours from confirmation.
  • As expected, required and desired for these exclusive operations, a customer service 24 hours for 7 days.
  • A global service that caters to all customer's needs, whether they are ground transportation or arrangement of any other service.

  • A flight range that entirely covers all European and North African continents.
  • A high attention to detail, fruit of our solid experience in the sector in order to leave no stone unturned.
  • A crew formed by a team always headed by pilots with more than 10 years of experience, endorsing a service of trust and quality.