Welcome to Atlas Executive Air.

     We provide air charter, luxury and private corporate flights, air ambulances, cargo flights, and travel to sports events. We can offer private charter flights to all Europe´s major destinations including London, Moscow, Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, Ibiza, Geneva, Madrid and Malaga. Specializing in Private Jet Charters to and from Malaga, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Rental of your own private jet or executive jet has never been easier. We are availible 24hrs from almost any airport in Europe, Spain, nothern Africa, and Russia. Our new Hawker can be adapted to suit your business or vacation needs. In most cases we can be in the air within two hours from confirmation due to the fact that we have some of the most experienced team in the private jet charter industry. When you hire Atlas Jets, you hire the best.

Atlas Executive Air, S.A. · Terminal De Aviación General · Planta 1ª, Oficina 5 · Aeropuerto De Málaga · España - 29004 Málaga · Tel.: +34 951 135 967 · Fax: +34 952 240 541 · info@atlasjets.net